Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a FREE centralized public records database. Making it easier for people to find the public records they are looking for.

Why can't I find the person I am searching for?

We are continuously working to expand our database to better server the community's interest in finding these records. Please check back later as we are constantly adding new records.

Is everyone that appears on this site guilty?

Absolutely not. Most records on this site reflect initial bookings and as such do not reflect the finalized charges or the case outcome.

Why is my info on this site?

All records are collected, organized, and categorized from numerous government public record databases in an effort to make public information more accessible to the general public.

Why does the same arrest appear twice or more on the site?

Sometimes government agencies make a mistake and create duplicate bookings. If this occurred please message us both URLs via the "Contact" page and we will gladly remove the duplicate(s).

A record on this site is showing a minor (a person under 18 years of age).

As previously stated all records are collected from countless government databases meaning that the government published the record as public information and as such did not differentiate the record from any other record displaying on this site. However, if you find a person appearing on this site to be a "minor" please send us a message via the "Contact" page and we will promptly address the situation.

Has a record that appears on this site been expunged, sealed, dismissed, or found to be not guilty in court of law?

If so, send us a message from the "Contact" page and we will gladly and promptly remove the record from appearing on this site. Please note that proof is required.

What to do if a person appearing on this site is now deceased.

Please send us a message from the "Contact" page to let us know of the record depicting the deceased and we will promptly removed the individual from appearing on this site.

Can this site be used for tenant screenings, employment background checks, insurance eligibility, credit reports, etc. or any other FCRA ("Fair Credit Reporting Act") related background checks?

No, this site is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and as such you are not allowed to use this site to conduct any FCRA type searches, investigations, background checks, eligibility for insurance, employment, housing, etc.

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